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By María Cristina Giraldo, Sergio Cordeiro de Mattos and Oscar Zack.
Anima Jorge Assef.
Established by Karina Castro.
By Omar Battisti and Guy Poblome.
Chair Dario Alparone.
Established by Sergio Caretto, Susana Liberatore and Viviana Monti.
By Silvia E. Tendlarz, Adriana Laión and Nieves Soria.
Animation and conversation: Andrea Zelaya.
Established by Myriam Soae.
By Hervé Castanet, Esthela Solano- Suárez, Macha Makeïeff.
Established by Patrick Almeida.
Special guest: Marcus André Vieira.
Conversation: Manuel Zlotnik.
Established by Karen Edelsztein.
By Elena Levy Yeyati and Oscar Ventura.
Conversa Gabriela Camaly.
Established by Micaela Parici.

Pierre Naveau