Lacan, Gide’s Reader
A few months after the release of his book “Lacan, Gide’s Reader ", -with a preface by Jacques-Alain Miller- Philippe Hellebois conducted an interview for Bordeaux Mollat bookshop. He explains the reasons why Jacques Lacan’s text on Gide is "unique", and shows us how Gide is the "son" of his work. Philippe Hellebois is a psychoanalyst in Mons, Belgium, AME (analyst member of the School), Member of the ECF and the WAP. Therapeutic Director of The Courtil, teacher of the Clinical Section of Brussels (Antenais Clinica de Mons). He is the author of "Lacan Gide lecteur" published in October 2011, editions Michele, Collection "Je est un Autre".
Episode 1
Lacan, Gide’s Reader
By Philippe Hellebois
Established by: Omaïra Meseguer; Author: Philippe Hellebois
28:59 minutes | Audio in French | Recorded 20.07.2012
Source of this audio:
Pierre Naveau