Fabio Galimberti's and Laura Rizzo Paola interview Francesconi, Domenico Cosenza, Dominique Holvoet and Antoni Vicens
Fabio Galimberti and Laura Rizzo, both members of the S.L.P (Scuola Lacaniana de Psicanalisi), interviewed Paola Francesconi outgoing director of the Scuola, and Domenico Cosenza incoming director, during the Convegno della Scuola, I resti sintomatici, which took place in Milan on May 11 th and 12th, 2013. In that context they also interviewed Dominique Holvoet, President of the N.L.S (New Lacanian School), about the Athens conferences and the next European Congress of Psychoanalysis; and Antoni Vincens, President of the E.L.P, who referred to the upcoming Conference "Joy, guilt and impunity".
Episode 1
13:54 minutes | Audio in Spanish, French, Italian | Recorded 01.06.2013
Pierre Naveau