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Presentation. By Rosa Elena Manzetti.
Participants: Gabriela Magrin, Xavier- Esquè, Michela Murgia, Luciano Violante, Elisabetta Galeotti and Christiane Alberti.
Chair and conversation with the Participants: Éric Laurent.
Discussants: Joaquin Caretti.
Established by Liliana Mauas, Laura Rizzo, Maria Laura Tkach and Natalia Paladino.

By Enric Berenguer, Domenico Cosenza, Oscar Ventura, Guy Briole, Carmen Cuñat, Patricia Tassara and Paola Bolgiani.
Interviewers: Betina Ganim, Iolanda Ferreres and Emilio Faire.
Established by Liliana Mauas and Emilio Faire.

By Guy Briole.
Presentation: Marcela Almanza and Viviana Berger.
Established by Heidi Gehler.

Miriam Chorne and Gustavo Dessal.
Presented by Mónica Torres and Oscar Zack. Coordinated by Ernesto Sinatra.
Established by Liliana Mauas.

Lacanian action in Act

Participants: Rosa Elena Manzetti, Anna Aromí, Joaquín Caretti and Raquel Cors Ulloa.
By Laura Rizzo and María Laura Tkach.


Pierre Naveau