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By Mónica Torres.
Coordinated by: Marina Recalde.
Established by María de los Ángeles Córdoba.

By Viviana Berger, Heidi Gehler and Mercedes Iglesias.
Established by Gloria González and Adolfo Ruiz.

By Ângela Bernardes, Jésus Santiago, Luiz Eduardo Soares, Marcelo Semer, Romildo do Rêgo Barros, Tatiana Roque, Dulce Pandolfi, Sérgio de Castro, Angelina Harari.
Established by Vanda Almeida and Francisca Menta.

By Luiz Fernando Carrijo da Cunha.
Coordinated by: Alessandra Sartorello Pecego.
Established by Vanda Almeida and Francisca Menta.


Pierre Naveau