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By Claudia Castillo and Marcelo Izaguirre.
Presentation by Beatriz Gez.
Established by Liliana Mauas.

By G. Caroz; M.-H. Brousse; D. Holvoet; É. Laurent; F. Ansermet; D. Laurent; N. Gründler; Y. Grasser; Y.-C. Stavy; D. Arpin; G. Trobas; F. Biagi-Chai; A. Aflalo; J.-C. Maleval; A. Chottin; J.-P. Deffieux; E. Solano Suarez.
Established by Eduardo Scarone.

Lacanian action in Act

Translators' Team: Eduardo Scarone, Gleuza Salomon, Isolda Alvarez, Lorena Hojman, Isabel Capelli and Laura Rizzo.

Pierre Naveau