Lacanian's Subversion of Gender Theories
This conversation with Clotilde Leguil and Fabian Fanjwaks draws our listening to the political tone of their book: "Lacanian's Subversion of Gender Theories". The importance of their work which echoes our times is underlined by Dominique Laurent who presented this evening. Each of the authors transmitted which was their entrance door; for one, femininity and for the other, the Name of the Father. The critical analysis of gender theories reminds us of Lacan's exercise to awaken the psychoanalysts of his time to changes introduced by post Freudian psychoanalysis. Radio Lacan would like to thank the Freudian Psychologists Association and René Fiori by recording this evening.
Episode 1
By Dominique Laurent
Established by: Liliana Redon
22:28 minutes | Audio in French | Recorded 24.02.2016
Episode 2
Intervention by Fabián Fanjwaks
Author: Fabián Fajnwaks; Established by: Liliana Redon
11:49 minutes | Audio in French | Recorded 24.02.2016
Episode 3
Intervention by Clotilde Leguil
Author: Clotilde Leguil; Established by: Liliana Redon
15:34 minutes | Audio in French | Recorded 24.02.2016
Pierre Naveau