Carmen Conca interviews Neus Carbonell on the Forum on Autism and the Writing of the Minerva Manifesto
The Forum on Autism "Objectors of the Education?” was organized by the ELP, and coordinated by Neus Carbonell and Iván Ruiz. It took place in Barcelona on December 11th 2015. Following the success of its participation, a Catalan association promoted a movement of firms in order to promote the elimination of psychoanalytic orientation in public centers in Catalonia, offering cognitive behavioral orientation as being the only "cientific evidence" for the treatment of autistic subjects. In response to this movement is that "Manifesto Minerva" was developed.
Episode 1
Interviews to Neus Carbonell
By María del Carmen Conca
15:45 minutes | Audio in Spanish | Recorded 18.01.2016
Pierre Naveau