Elucidation of the School. What Passes in the Pass?
On September 19th 2015 the first meeting "Elucidation of the School" took place in Madrid, whose theme on this occasion was "What happens in the Pass?" Ten years after its founding, the ELP approved a new regulation of the Pass, by which the School was granted the responsibility for implementing the procedure. The purpose of this meeting was that each of the members who participated in the device, could transmit something of their experience from the place held, either as a member of the Cartel, as AME member who nominated a Passer , or who had been nominated as AE. This meeting began with a brief intervention by Santiago Castellanos, who after his presentation gave way to the work of the different tables.
Episode 1
Elucidation of the School. What Passes in the Pass?
By Santiago Castellanos
Established by: María del Carmen Conca; Introduction: María del Carmen Conca
13:40 minutes | Audio in Spanish | Recorded 19.09.2015
Pierre Naveau