Interview with Vilma Coccoz
Lizbeth Ahumada interviewed Vilma Coccoz during her visit to Bogota on the occasion of the Second Week of Autism in Bogota, organized by the Childhood and Youth Antenna (Antena Infancia y Juventud). Vilma Coccoz is AME) Analyst member of the School) of the ELP, and a member of the WAP. She is a teacher of the NUCEP for the ICF. Over the years, she has held a practice and a transmission around the work with autistic subjects reflected in various publications. She has recently participated in the documentary "Other voices", and she has promoted the organization of the cycle: "the Lacanian practice in institutions. Another way of working with children and young people", in Madrid. Lizbeth Ahumada, is a member of the NEL - Bogotá and the WAP. She is the current President of the Childhood and Youth Antenna of Bogotá.
Episode 1
Interview with Vilma Coccoz
By Lizbeth Ahumada Yanet
11:56 minutes | Audio in Spanish | Recorded 12.08.2014
Pierre Naveau