XXIII Brazilian Meeting of the Freudian Field. "The Infamiliar Feminine. To say the unspeakable". Opening
On April 15th, 2020, the II Preparatory Activity for the XXIII Brazilian Meeting of Freudian Field was held. Gilson Iannini took as his starting point a return to Freud to present the theme of the XXIII Brazilian Meeting of Freudian Field. He presented the text and the context in which Das Unheimliche was written. The plurality of translations for unheimlich expresses an untranslatable character of the term and constitutes, in his words, a "mark of the impossibility of translation". Faced with what "never ceases to be translated", the term "infamiliar" was proposed in the new Brazilian translation that, for him, opened a new horizon for the approach of the feminine. His paper reaffirms the extinct character of psychoanalysis in relation to civilization. Sérgio Laia divided his presentation into three parts. The first, called the "red word," uses authors and literary references to highlight, among several interesting aspects, the brand of "violence" in the transposition of languages when in the act of translation there is an effort to make the literality of the original term subsist and what remains an ungraspable residue. The new Brazilian translation, which expresses and makes the infamiliar subsist in infamiliar, is no different to what happens with the term unheimlich. In the second part, Laia invites us to accompany him in his approach to the generalization of infamiliar and the particularities of the feminine taking as a reference the generalised foreclosure to compare and separate infamiliar and feminine. Finally, the third part is an invitation to be surprised by his approach to the particularities of the feminine, beginning with its fruitful narrative of the history of Hofmann.
Episode 1
"The Generalised Infamiliar"
By Gilson Iannini
33:12 minutes | Audio in Portuguese | Recorded 15.04.2020
Episode 2
"The Generalisation of the Infamiliar, the Particularities of the Feminine"
By Sergio Laia
27:45 minutes | Audio in Portuguese | Recorded 15.04.2020
Episode 3
By Sérgio de Castro
5:01 minutes | Audio in Portuguese | Recorded 15.04.2020
Pierre Naveau