Public Conference of SLP - Freudian Institute of Rome: "Having a body".
On the 13th of April, the Freudian Institute, together with the Freudian Field Library and the Secretariat of the Lacanian School of Psychoanalysis in Rome, organised and presented the Carole Dewambrechies Conference entitled "Having a Body." From Freud, the Conference has returned to the status of the body in psychoanalysis. From the discovery of the sexual truth of the symptom with its satisfaction dimension, to the symptom as a body event that reveals, in opposition to the medical symptom, the unique enjoyment of each speaking being. Radio Lacan shares the conference with its listeners.
Episode 1
Having a Body
By Carole Dewambrechies-La Sagna
Simultaneous translation: Ezio De Francesco; Established by: Luisa Di Masso; Introduction: Elisabetta Spinelli
54:47 minutes | Audio in French, Italian | Recorded 13.04.2019
Pierre Naveau