About PIPOL 9 - Echoes of the Geneviève Cloutour-Monribot conference "Is the brain is command of the dream?"
On June 22nd,2019, in the framework of activities towards PIPOL9 the 5th European Congress of Psychoanalysis which took place in Brussels on July 13th and 14th - the ACF-Rhône-Alpes invited Geneviève Cloutour-Monribot to give a conference in Lyon (France) with the title "Is the brain in charge of sleep?". Colleagues of l'ACF-Rhône-Alpes Véronique Herlant, Marie-Cécile Marty and Sandra Héroux wrote and recorded, exclusively for Radio Lacan listeners, an echo of this conference, accompanied by Jean-Christophe Gaston who read the citations of texts. We especially thank Geneviève Cloutour-Monribot and Jacques Borie for having read and validated the text of this echo.
Episode 1
About PIPOL9 - Echo of the Geneviève Cloutour-Monribot conference "Is the brain in charge of sleep?
By Véronique Herlant; Marie-Cécile Marty; Sandra Héroux; Jean-Christophe Gaston
Established by: Eduardo Scarone
10:08 minutes | Audio in French | Recorded 22.06.2019
Pierre Naveau