"The Psychoanalyst and the Passions", Seminar of the Lacanian Orientation, EBP-RJ.
On the 1st of April, the Lacanian Orientation Seminar of the EBP - Rio de Janeiro, began a series of three meetings on "The Psychoanalyst and the Passions" dedicated to the discussion of issues related to the IX ENAPOL. Maria Silvia Hanna, EBP / WAP, coordinated the activity by Marícia Ciscato, EBP / WAP who presented Comment se révolter? (How to revolt?), text by J.A. Miller, and Rodrigo Lyra, EBP / WAP, as a commentator. Maricia Ciscato defines the revolutionary act as the product of an encounter with the impossible to support for each one. This causes the act to be directed towards "the scene of the world", a suicidal act where the subject risks his own life, concluding then: there is no revolution without the dimension of sacrifice, opening on the horizon, death. Rodrigo Lyra, considering the real, symbolic and imaginary coordinates at play in the revolution, highlights the dimension of enjoyment and guides us to ask: how can the person who crossed the fantasy live the revolution? What is the loss at stake and the displacement that makes it possible to "rebel in the right way"? What is the torsion needed to access the position of "rebelling in the right way"? What to say about the virtual rebellion, so in vogue today? Questions that call us to reflect on the rebellion and its approximation and its difference to hatred, anger and indignation.
Episode 1
Annotated reading of the text by J. A. Miller, Comment se révolter?
By Marícia Ciscato
17:23 minutes | Audio in Portuguese | Recorded 01.04.2019
Episode 2
Comment by Rodrigo Lyra
12:51 minutes | Audio in Portuguese | Recorded 01.04.2019
Episode 3
16:34 minutes | Audio in Portuguese | Recorded 01.04.2019
Pierre Naveau