XIIIth Conference of the EBP - Santa Catarina. Conference "From the Universal Non-existent to the Love for Disparate"
On 6th October, 2018 Clara M. Holguín, invited by de EBP - Santa Catarina, gave a conference on the occasion of the XIIIth Conference of the EBP-SC. East. The event was coordinated by María Teresa Wendhausen. The conference, which was entitled "From the non-existent universal to the love for what is shot", is linked with the theme of the XIII Conference of the EBP-SC: "Submission, Subversion and Heresy of the Symptom. "She highlighted how these three vectors affect the solutions indicated by psychoanalysis as well as the ethical position of the analyst today. The conference was divided into two periods. In the first term "The Universal non-existent ", the name proposed by the author to think about the impasses of the time; and in the second term "The love for the disparate", insofar as it names a way of treating "heresy of the sinthome". Their elaborations read the changes and impasses of our epoch from the perspective of the fall of phallocentrism and its consequences on the individual and collective level.
Episode 1
"From the Non-existent Universal, to the Love for the Disparate"
By Clara María Holguín
41:01 minutes | Audio in Spanish | Recorded 06.10.2018
Pierre Naveau