Public conference of Gustavo Dessal in Bahia: "Revisiting Bauman - Dialogue between Sociology and Psychoanalysis".
On 26th September, 2018, Gustavo Dessal, at the invitation of the EBP-Bahia, delivered a lecture entitled "Revisiting Bauman - Dialogue between Sociology and Psychoanalysis" at the IHAC-Federal University of Bahia. Dessal spoke for a plural audience of students, university professors and psychoanalysts, among others. This event, under the coordination of Professor Rita Aragão (IHAC / Post-Culture), was also mediated by Professor Dr. Messias Bandeira (Director of IHAC / UFBA) and Marcela Antelo (AME, EBP / AMP). Gustavo Dessal presented to the attendees the main ideas contained in the book “El retorno del péndulo. Sobre el psicoanálisis y el futuro del mundo líquido", written in co-authorship with Zigmunt Bauman, from an intense and productive exchange of ideas and correspondence between the two authors.
Episode 1
"Revisiting Bauman - Dialogue between Sociology and Psychoanalysis"
By Gustavo Dessal
Established by: María da Glória Maron; Comment: Marcela Antelo
52:59 minutes | Audio in Spanish | Recorded 26.09.2018
Pierre Naveau