"From Barcelona to Buenos Aires". Towards the 12th Congress of the WAP.
Within the framework of the closing of the 11th Congress of the WAP in Barcelona, Angelina Harari, the next president of the WAP, presented the directors of the next Congress, Silvia Baudini and Fabián Naparstek, who were in charge of welcoming the 12th Congress to be held in Buenos Aires during the year 2020.
Episode 1
"From Barcelona to Buenos Aires".
By Silvia Baudini
Established by: Liliana Mauas
3:12 minutes | Audio in Spanish | Recorded 07.04.2018
Episode 2
"From Barcelona to Buenos Aires"
By Fabián Naparstek
Established by: Liliana Mauas
5:12 minutes | Audio in Spanish | Recorded 07.04.2018
Pierre Naveau