The reality with artists: FRAGMENTS

The exhibit, « Fragments », on the theme of the Congress, A Real for the 21st Century. Seven artists will present their work:

  • Martine Bartholini-Soueix, sculptor: Making Do with the resistance of material.
  • François Rocamora, painter: Emergence of the Real and The world Overturned.
  • Michaël Sorne, painter: Erasure and Quest of traces, poetics.
  • Claude Luca Georges, peintre: the duality of vision, Gazes.
  • Francisco-Hugo Freda and Gérard Wajcman, painter and writer, « Rewriting the Book », in painting.
Episode 1
Francisco-Hugo Freda
2:26 minutes | Audio in Spanish, Portuguese | Recorded 16.04.2014
Episode 2
Michele Simon
9:11 minutes | Audio in French | Recorded 16.04.2014
Pierre Naveau