The psychotic and the psychoanalyst
Jacques Borie was interviewed by Mollat bookshop from Bordeaux, to present his book: "Le psychotique et le psychanalyste".He explains the way in which the psychoanalyst, oriented by Jacques Lacan's teaching, receives the psychotic subject in its uniqueness, with the idea to join him in the search for an invention. Jacques Borie’s book is clinical testimony of a work of more than thirty years of experience. Jacques Borie is a psychoanalyst in Lyon, Member of the ECF and the WAP. Coordinator of the Clinical Section of Lyon. He is the author of "Le psychotique et le psychanalyste" Michele editions published in January 2012.
Episode 1
The psychotic and the psychoanalyst
By Jacques Borie
5:36 minutes | Audio in French | Recorded 19.06.2014
Source of this audio:
Pierre Naveau