The child and the spells
This time there are no voices, children's music, or a story, since "The child and the spells" is an opera: a text by Colette and music set by Maurice Ravel. The voice is thick and grave. So is the time... Since this child finds several mother figures during a brief moment: the mother who nurtures becomes judge and her absence triggers forces worthy of a nightmare. In a mixture of analysis and reading of the story with a poetic and colorful language, Jean-Daniel Matet leads us, making us feel the fear, until the discovery of the mother instance. Jean-Daniel Matet is a psychoanalyst in Paris, AME of the ECF and member of the WAP. Teacher at the Clinical Section of île de France. Member of the Board of the WAP and Secretary of warranty. He is President of the EFP. Edition: Vanessa Sudreau and Omaira Meseguer.
Episode 1
The child and the spells
By Jean-Daniel Matet
9:51 minutes | Audio in French | Recorded 10.10.2014
Pierre Naveau