Sartre with Lacan
At the time of the publication of her book: "Sartre avec Lacan"- correlation antinomique, liaison dangereuse-, Clotilde Leguil extracts the essence of her presentation in an interview to the Bordeaux Mollat bookshop. Clotilde Leguil puts us on the track of a certain sartrean resonance which she traps in filigree in Jacques Lacan’s work. Jacques-Alain Miller wrote the preface to this book which gives a great teaching. Clotilde Leguil is psychoanalyst in Paris, a professor in the Department of Psychoanalysis (Paris VIII), and Doctor of Philosophy. Member of the School Board of the Freudian Cause. L'ECF member of the World Association of Psychoanalysis. She is the author of: "Sartre avec Lacan" correlation antinomique, liaison dangereuse-. Navarin Le Champ Freudien published it in March 2012.
Episode 1
Sartre with Lacan
By Clotilde Leguil
Established by: Omaïra Meseguer
4:49 minutes | Audio in French | Recorded 05.06.2014
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Pierre Naveau