Public conference in Rome, "The Mysteries of the Speaking Body". SLP-IF
The word, the body and the trauma are the themes around which the conference of Philippe Lasagna was held, in Rome on Friday, the 12th of April, 2019. The event was held under the auspices of the Freudian Institute and the Secretariat of the SLP from Rome. The public lecture entitled "The Mysteries of the Speaking Body" was coordinated by Antonio Di Ciaccia. The audio is in French with the Italian translation of Celine Menghi.
Episode 1
Public conference SLP-IF in Rome "The Mysteries of the Speaking Body".
By Philippe La Sagna
Coordinate: Antonio Di Ciaccia; Simultaneous translation: Céline Menghi; Established by: Alfonso Leo
67:53 minutes | Audio in Italian | Recorded 12.04.2019
Pierre Naveau