Psychoanalysis Cafe of the ACF-IdF: "The Uncanny. The Horla by Maupassant”
Participants: Jérémie Le Louët, Lilia Mahjoub, François Regnault and José Rambeau. On April 9th 2015, within the framework of the sixth edition of Psychoanalysis Cafe of the ACF-Île de France, and in partnership with the Châtillon Theatre, a lively debate on The Uncanny took place, follwowing the staging of The Horla by Maupassant. The debate included the viewpoints of several psychoanalysts of the ECF and of the artists on the topic. The participants were: Jérémie Le Louët, Director and actor of The Horla (Compagnie des Dramaticules); Christian Lalos, Director of the Châtillon Theatre; Lilia Mahjoub, psychoanalyst in Paris and member of the ECF; François Regnault, member of the ECF and Honorary Member of the ACF-IdF; José Rambeau, psychoanalyst in Bourg la Reine, member of the ECF and the ACF-IdF. Recording by Pierre-Ludovic Lavoine, psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and current Regional Delegate of the ACF-IdF.
Episode 1
Interview with José Rambeau
By Pierre Ludovic Lavoine
6:28 minutes | Audio in French | Recorded 26.05.2015
Episode 2
By Lilia Mahjoub; José Rambeau; Jérémie Le Louët; François Regnault
47:25 minutes | Audio in French | Recorded 09.04.2015
Pierre Naveau