NEL-Seminar of Lacanian Formation: "The Unspeakable of the Pass".
On the 21st of May, the NEL's Lacanian Training Seminar was held under the title "The unspeakable of the pass" with the participation of María Olga Herreros and Felipe Maino, and the comments of Silvia Tendlarz. The Pass was at the centre of the elaborations taken from two perspectives: that of those who, as witnesses, listen to the testimonies of the AS, and from the problematic of saying and decision involved in the device.
Episode 1
From the Testimony of an AS to the Witness of the Pass
By María Olga Herreros
30:53 minutes | Audio in Spanish | Recorded 21.05.2022
Episode 2
In the Face of the Undecidable, Decide
By Felipe Maino
28:53 minutes | Audio in Spanish | Recorded 21.05.2022
Pierre Naveau