Interview with Gustavo Dessal about "We are all Charlie. And so much more"
Carmen Conca interviews Gustavo Dessal about his Article published on Telam, as a result of the terrible attacks suffered in Paris on January 7th Gustavo Dessal is an Argentinian writer and psychoanalyst. Resident in Madrid, He is AME, member of the ELP and the WAP. He is a lecturer at NUCEP (Madrid) and ex-coordinator of NUCEP. He is the author of several writings on Psychoanalysis and also stories and novels. Carmen Conca is a member of the ELP and the WAP. She is a member for the ELP, of the International Committee and correspondent for Radio Lacan.
Episode 1
Interview with Gustavo Dessal
By María del Carmen Conca
10:18 minutes | Audio in Spanish | Recorded 11.01.2015
Pierre Naveau