ELP- Presentation of the Journal El Psicoanálisis N° 39
An important event for the Escuela Lacaniana de Psicoanálisis (ELP) took place in Barcelona on the 3rd of May. Its journal El Psicoanálisis, presented a new issue, number 39, whose title is "Woman is of unknown address", a statement taken from the Seminar From an Other to the other. Three colleagues, Patricia Heffes, Montserrat Puig, and Fabián Fajnwaks, whose works are included in the new publication, were invited to speak, with the particularity, that each of them commented on a text that was not their own. Julio González and Myriam Chang moderated the activity. Below is an excerpt from that meeting.
Episode 1
Presentation of the Journal El Psicoanálisis N°39
By Fabián Fajnwaks; Montserrat Puig; Patricia Heffes
Coordinate: Julio González, Myriam Chang; Established by: Lorena Oberlin
50:12 minutes | Audio in Spanish | Recorded 03.05.2022
Pierre Naveau