Echoes of Torino: “La psicoanalisi e il disagio della civil” (Psychoanalysis and the Civilization and its Discontent) Talk in Moretta
The Torino secretariat of the SLP has organized a meeting in the small town of Moretta in the region of Piedmont, Italy, giving it the form of an open dialogue with the public, an experience / bet in the city, which is brought to us by his coordinator, Davide Pecoraro, who was interviewed by Maria Laura Tkach. In this talk have participated: Gian Francesco Arzente, Stefano Avedano, Monica Buemi, Roberta Margiaria, Silvia Morrone, Maura Musso.
Episode 1
Interview with Davide Pegoraro
By Maria Laura Tkach
Established by: Laura Rizzo; Author: Davide Pegoraro
8:46 minutes | Audio in Italian | Recorded 26.11.2016
Pierre Naveau