Echoes of Carcassonne
It was from the movie "August" "Turns of fate" (see title in each language), by John Wells, that Víctor Rodríguez intervened in the inter-cartels evening: "Motherhood today" held in Carcassonne on 6th September 2014. Following the thread of the mother and daughter relationship, in this dramatic comedy, Víctor Rodríguez speaks of maternal havoc and of family in 'the twilight times' of the father. Víctor Rodríguez is a psychoanalyst in Toulouse. He is a member of the ACF Midi - Pyrénées.
Episode 1
Echoes of Carcassonne
By Víctor Rodríguez
6:03 minutes | Audio in French | Recorded 06.09.2014
Pierre Naveau