ECF- Open Teachings 2021-2022. "Psychoanalytic Knowledge Out in the Open".
The teachings of the École de la Cause freudienne are aimed at anyone interested in psychoanalysis, whatever their age, their status, their level of study or their taste for knowledge. Every evening, every week, all year round: a teaching by practitioners, members of the School, who put a psychoanalytic concept to work with the aim of making the vitality of Lacanian psychoanalysis known, both in clinical practice and in the way psychoanalysts are involved in current debates. The full programme of these courses can be found on the ECF website ( Each one, from all over France or from all the countries of the World Association of Psychoanalysis, can subscribe to follow a teaching by videoconference or free access by travelling to the ECF's facilities throughout the year. Radio Lacan is pleased to broadcast a course on each topic, with the agreement of each teacher.
Episode 1
“Return to phobia” course
By Jean-Louis Gault
Established by: Patrick Almeida
Lacan returns several times to the case of little Hans as his doctrine of the phallus develops. He situates phobia with regard to perversion and makes it as a turntable of neurosis. March 14, 2022 course.
116:55 minutes | Audio in French | Recorded 14.03.2022
Pierre Naveau