EBP- Preparatory Activity for the XXIII Brazilian Meeting of the Freudian Field - "The Uncanny in the Feminine".
In this new edition of Radio Lacan, we present the Preparatory Activity of the XXIII Brazilian Meeting of the Freudian Field, "The Feminine Uncanny - Saying the Unsayable", which took place on the 15th of June 2020. Marcelo Veras, in his lecture, starting from literature and Lacan's last teaching, brought us some versions of the feminine in "five figures that do not form a set, but a Not-all set (not whole), to say something about this impossible to say", thus explored: femininity as a mask; the impossible to say in the logic of sexuation; the writing of the impossible; confronting sexual violence through movements of discourse: and, a fragment of a pass testimony, "from amur (love/wall) to love and its return".
Episode 1
Some Versions of the Feminine
By Marcelo Veras
Coordinate: Sérgio de Castro; Established by: Vanda Almeida
39:08 minutes | Audio in Portuguese | Recorded 15.06.2020
Pierre Naveau