EBP - Clinical Seminar. "Pixel. Between freezing and animation of the image".
On the 28th of August 2021 the EBP held its first Clinical Seminar, "Pixel. Between Freezing and Animating the Image". This proposal of the EBP directory was addressed to the directors of the Sections and to the members of the School. A meeting between the members around the discussion of a clinical case, extracting from it a teaching. This first Seminar was the responsable for the cartel of the EBP - Bahia Section, composed of Fátima Sarmento, Iordan Gurgel, Luiz Felipe Monteiro, Marcela Antelo and Pablo Sauce. The presentation was made by Fátima Sarmento and had Rômulo Ferreira da Silva as debater. Radio Lacan posed questions to Romildo do Rêgo Barros, Fátima Sarmento and Rômulo Ferreira da Silva to locate the central point of this transmission about the practice, the psychoanalytic clinic and the rigorous respect to the secrecy of the clinical case.
Episode 1
Pixel. Between Freezing and Animating the Image
By Romildo do Rêgo Barros; Rômulo Ferreira da Silva; Fátima Sarmento
Established by: Camila Popadiuk
32:47 minutes | Audio in Spanish | Recorded 28.10.2021
Pierre Naveau