Conference by Jacques Borie in Poznan- Poland: Treatments of the Psychoses: Possible and Impossible
On January 17th 2015 Jacques Borie was invited by the Varsow Circle of Psychoanalysis of the NLS. In the framework of the Seminar "The Pscyhoses in the Teaching of Jacques Lacan" J. Borie gave two conferences entitled: " Treatments of Psychosis: possible and impossible". We invite you to listen to the first conference, with a translation into Polish by....... , Professor of French literature in Poznań. The conference is a rigorous overview of Lacan's and Freud's theoretical and clinical developments on psychosis. Radio Lacan thanks Nicolás Landriscini and Sébastien Godlewski for allowing us to have this recording.
Jacques Borie is a psychoanalyst in Lyon, Member of the ECF, the NLS and the WAP. Coordinator of the Clinical Section of Lyon. He is the author of "Le psychotique et le psychanalyste" Michele editions published in January 2012.
Episode 1
Psychosis is made of Language itself
30:10 minutes | Audio in French | Recorded 23.02.2015
Episode 2
Psychosis: Rigour of Thought
49:05 minutes | Audio in French | Recorded 23.02.2015
Pierre Naveau