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Psychoanalysis and Knowledge

Presentation of Liter-a-tulia, which is a spot in a social gathering format, that seeks to thrive on the happy alliance which literature and psychoanalysis constitute. It began on October 10, 2008. This format is possible by the proposal for a reading of a play chosen in advance, so it can be discussed at the meeting. Its dimension of social gathering promotes the openness of the space, in which the views, from different fields, find a place to be expressed, contributing their own touches that each subject can extract from the adventure that literature gives them. Gustavo Dessal is AME (Analyst Member of the School) of the ELP, Member of the WAP, and teacher of the NUCEP (Madrid). His last published works are: Underground and Too red. Miguel Ángel Alonso is an associate of the Madrid office of the ELP. Alberto Estévez is an associate of the Madrid office of the ELP.
Episode 1
"LITER-a-TULLIA" conversation between Gustavo Dessal, Miguel Ángel Alonso and Alberto Estévez
By Miguel Ángel Alonso, Alberto Estévez, Gustavo Dessal
20:35 minutes | Audio in Spanish | Recorded 25.02.2014
Pierre Naveau