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The greatness of Frida Kahlo, as a woman and as an artist, is fascinating. More than honoring her work, this interview intends to highlight what Frida had to traverse of femininity, to meet and find the formula of existence in her journey. Her confrontation with failed maternity and their abortions, were the relentless pursuit of wanting to "be complete" in the creation. Beyond her ravaging love for Diego, who was almost everything; only her painting would be what will allow sketching a solution, immersed in a habit in which to dress up a cracked and aching body. Vilma Coccoz is AME, Member of the ELP and the WAP. She is a teacher at the NUCEP (Madrid). Mariana Alba de Luna is a psychoanalyst in Paris, a member of the ACF-IDF and the French- Mexican Association of psychoanalysis LaZo(s).
Episode 1
Interview with Vilma Coccoz
By Mariana Alba de Luna
Author: Vilma Coccoz; Interviewer: Mariana Alba de Luna
14:36 minutes | Audio in Spanish | Recorded 06.10.2014
Pierre Naveau