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Echoes of the city

Urban EOL, is a cultural event organized by the School of the Lacanian Orientation which - within the context of its ongoing dialogue with other disciplines - promotes this meeting in an urban site where different artistic looks move around. This year humor, poetry, and theatre will take their place alongside the classic book fair of the EOL. Silvia Koblinc, is a psychoanalyst in Buenos Aires, Member of the EOL and the WAP AP. Responsible of this event, with Susana Amado and Betty Nagorny. Liliana Mauas, is a psychoanalyst in Buenos Aires AP (Practicing Analyst) of the EOL-WAP. Director of RadioLacan.
Episode 1
Echoes of Buenos Aires, Urban EOL, Psychoanalysis & Art and city at the Centro Cultural Borges. Interview with Silvia Koblinc, apropos Uby rban EOL
By Liliana Mauas
Author: Silvia Koblinc; Interviewer: Liliana Mauas
5:19 minutes | Audio in Spanish | Recorded 29.08.2014
Pierre Naveau