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Silvina Bragagnolo interviews Ernesto Sinatra about the projection of the video “Jaques Alain Miller at the Solano Theatre” shown for the first time in Buenos Aires on May 14th, due to the presentation of Jacques-Alain Miller’s Course The (most) latest Lacan. Ernesto Sinatra is a psychoanalyst, AME (Analyst member of the School) of the School of the Lacanian Orientation and member of the WAP. Ex-director of EOL (2010-2012); General Coordinator of teachings and Permanent Teacher of the ICdeBA (Clinical Institute of Buenos Aires); also co- founder of the TYA (International Network of the Freudian Field in Drug addictions and Alcoholism). He is the author of many publications and books, among them: The Rationality of Psychoanalysis, From concepts to mathems, a new landscape and We, men. Silvina Bragagnolo is a psychoanalyst, member of EOL. Teacher team member at ICdeBA and Day Seminars at EOL. Responsible for Admissions and co-responsible for internship at PAUSA. Teacher at UBA and UCES. Contributor and translator for Radio Lacan.
Episode 1
Interview with Ernesto Sinatra about the projection of “Jacques-Alain Miller at the Sorano Theatre”
By Silvina Bragagnolo
6:15 minutes | Audio in Spanish | Recorded 16.05.2014
Pierre Naveau