Forum SCALP #StopFhaine Toulousse
On April 18 2017, within the framework of the SCALP (Series of Conversations Anti-Le Pen) launched by the École de la Cause Freudienne and Jacques-Alain Miller, the Association of the Cause Freudienne Midi Pyrénées and the Collège Clinique de Toulousse organized a Forum against Marine Le Pen and the hate party (= haine, in French, which sounds similar in this Language to the letter N of the FN, Front National, National Front, NDT). Six sequences introduced by six words HATE, FEAR, FOREIGN, NATIONAL, DEMOCRACY, FREEDOM and a musical interval lead citizens of different disciplines (artists, lawyers, teachers, sociologists, psychoanalysts, philosophers, physicians, historians) to make their voices heard to prevent the danger of the accession of the candidate of the NF to the second round of presidential elections in France, and to call not to vote for her in the first round.

Episode 1
Forum SCALP #StopFhaine Toulousse
By Eduardo Scarone
10:40 minutes | Audio in French | Recorded 18.04.2017
Pierre Naveau