ECF-Forum 28 "Against the Party of Hatred and Marine Le Pen"
On April 28th 2017, between the two rounds of elections, the second Forum took place in Paris. In the fight that the ECF leads against the threat of the election of the far-right candidate for the presidency of France, the FORUM movement reminds us that the only weapons that we have are "the vote, the knowledge, the calculation, and the enlightened reason". Our colleagues Damien Guyonnet, Nathalie Georges and Nicolas Landriscini bring us closer to this event though 3 reports.
Episode 1
Report by Damien Guyonnet
Author: Damien Guyonnet; Established by: Liliana Salazar-Redon
11:15 minutes | Audio in French | Recorded 28.04.2017
Episode 2
Report by Nathalie Georges
8:48 minutes | Audio in French | Recorded 28.04.2017
Episode 3
Report by Nicolas Landriscini
12:50 minutes | Audio in Spanish | Recorded 28.04.2017
Pierre Naveau