Night of the ELP: towards the next IX Congress of the WAP "A Real for the XXI century"
On this night of the ELP, in Madrid, Miguel Ángel Alonso and Olga Montón addressed the question of the real, in reference to literature and cinema, respectively. Miguel Ángel Alonso, stresses that literature and psychoanalysis knows that the passions of the subject are not likely to be reduced neither to any objectivity, nor to total knowledge, because they are inhabited by this real that does not stop not being written in the pages of literature. Olga Montón, shows us through the cinema, how the most random, which does not respond to any law-an accident or an illness- takes subjects to different responses: drugs, religious fanaticism, suicide. These responses to the unexpected real aren't new; they refer to those which the subject forged in the initial traumatic moment, the most subjective and singular mark. Miguel Ángel Alonso is an associate of Madrid from the ELP offices and organizer of the "Liter-a-tulia" spot. Olga Montón is member of the ELP and the World Association of Psychoanalysis. She is responsible for the spot "The seventh", Social gathering of Cinema and Psychoanalysis. Coordinator: Blanca Medina, Member of the ELP and World Association of Psychoanalysis.
Episode 1
Part 1
By Olga Montón; Miguel Ángel Alonso; Blanca Medina
31:16 minutes | Audio in Spanish | Recorded 18.03.2014
Episode 2
Part 2
By Olga Montón; Miguel Ángel Alonso; Blanca Medina
21:34 minutes | Audio in Spanish | Recorded 18.03.2014
Pierre Naveau