Evening of the Library of the ECF on the Book by Philippe De Georges “Mères douloureuses” [Hurting Mothers], Oedipus Award 2015
"The publication of this book is an event for our orientation and beyond. Is it thanks to its readable and precise style, to the transmission of Lacanian clinic beyond recounting a case and his original way of talking about fundamental psychoanalytic concepts of the Lacananian orientation, or thanks to other things?" The Library team, coordinated by Laura Sokolowsky, invited Philippe De Georges for an exchange on his book, which was published by Navarin-Le Seuil Editions, and which won the Oedipus Award 2015.
Episode 1
Introduction by Laura Sokolowsky - An Effort at Legibility
By Philippe de Georges
29:55 minutes | Audio in French | Recorded 17.06.2015
Episode 2
Extracts from the Debate
Established by: Omaïra Meseguer
15:01 minutes | Audio in French | Recorded 17.06.2015
Pierre Naveau