Psychoanalysis and the Child. On Mariana Otero's Film "Like an Open Sky". With the participation of Eric Laurent
On March 6th in Milan, in collaboration with the Artelier Cultural Association, Milan Secretary of the SLP proposed a debate at the Protecting Society, from the film by Mariana Otero ‘’A Ciel Ouvert’’, with the presentations of Giuliana Kantza of the Milan Secretary, and Nicola Purgato, Clinical Director of 112 Antenna, and Antennnina Mestre in Venice. The participants to the debate were Eric Laurent, member of the ECF ex-president of the WAP, and Chiara Mangiarotti, member of the SLP and president of the Onlus Foundation Martin Egge in Venice, Antonella Costantino, Pediatrician head of the Milán Policlinic and Giuseppe Calicchio, Social Director ASL Mi1. The debate was chaired by Giuseppe Pozzi, member of the SLP and clinical director of Artelier Milán. Radio Lacan thanks the organizers and especially to Giuseppe Pozzi the access to the present material.
Episode 1
À ciel ouvert. Introduction by Nicola Purgato
Established by: Laura Rizzo; Author: Nicola Purgato
49:37 minutes | Audio in Italian | Recorded 06.03.2015
Episode 2
Psychoanalysis and the child. The debate
By Giuseppe Pozzi
Author: Éric Laurent; Established by: Laura Rizzo
12:40 minutes | Audio in Italian | Recorded 06.03.2015
Pierre Naveau