Crisis, Trauma and Subjective Decision – Work-in-progress III
Opening presentation made by Yves Vanderveken, President of the NLS, at the 4th ICLO-NLS Study-Day in Dublin, on March 7th, 2015, entitled “Crisis! Moments of Subjective Decision”. Introduced by Rik Loose.
Yves Vanderveken is a psychoanalyst in Brussels, AME (Analyst Member of the School) of the ECF, the NLS and the WAP. Current president of the NLS. He teaches at the Clinical Section in Brussels and he is therapeutic director of the Courtil. Rik Loose is Chair of ICLO, member of the NLS and the WAP.
Florencia Fernández Coria Shanahan is a psychoanalyst in Dublin, AP member of the NLS and the WAP. She is the representative of the NLS for Radio Lacan’s International Committee.
Episode 1
Work-in-progress III
By Yves Vanderveken
Established by: Florencia F.C. Shanahan
94:04 minutes | Audio in French, English | Recorded 01.01.1920
Pierre Naveau