“The mystery of Mallarmé’s poetry and Lacanian Psychoanalysis”. Interview with Joseph Attié
In 2014 an unheard-of experience occurred in the EBP, mobilised by the launch of Joseph Attié's book in Portuguese. This book is an in depth study on poetry and psychoanalysis, focused on Lacan and Mallarmé. This book mobilised the entire Brazilian analytic community, whose study groups, seminars in the different sections of the EBP, produced a number of texts. These were in turn edited and published in the Journal "Correo" Nº 75, as a result of this intense elaboration.
Joseph Attié is a psychoanalyst in Paris, member AME of the EBP, ECF, NLS and the WAP.
Gleuza Salomon is member of the EBP and the WAP. Researcher for the Laboratory of Fundamental Psychopathology at the UFPR. She collaborates for Radio Lacan in Brazil.
Episode 1
Interview with Joseph Attié
By Gleuza Salomon
14:11 minutes | Audio in French | Recorded 03.03.2015
Pierre Naveau