Interview with Nathalie Jaudel about her book "The Black Legend of Jacques Lacan"
You will listen to the recording of an encounter between two psychoanalysts who have worked a lot together. Victoria Horne-Reinoso interviews Nathalie Jaudel in Spanish and French on her book: "The Black Legend of Jacques Lacan. Élisabeth Roudinesco and her historical method". A lively exchange between the autor of this wonderful book and an insightful reader. This is an exclusive interview for Radio Lacan and especially addressed to the Spanish speaking readers of Jacques Lacan. Nathalie Jaudel graduated in Po Sciences Paris, she is a former lawyer, a psychoanalyst in Paris, AP member of the ECF and the WAP. She is the author of "The Black Legend of Jacques Lacan”, co-edited by Navarin-Le Champ Freudien. Victoria Horne-Reinoso is a psychoanalyst in Paris AP member of the ECF and the WAP.
Episode 1
Audio in spanish
By Victoria Horne Reinoso
17:00 minutes | Audio in Spanish | Recorded 17.11.2014
Episode 2
Audio in french
By Victoria Horne Reinoso
12:37 minutes | Audio in French | Recorded 18.11.2014
Pierre Naveau