Interview with Bernard Seynhaeve
Lizbeth Ahumada interviews Bernard Seynhaeve during his visit to Bogota on the occasion of the Second Week of Autism in Bogota, organized by the Childhood and Youth Antenna. Bernard Seynhaeve is a psychoanalyst in Templeuve (Belgium) and Lille (France). He is a member of the ECF, the NLS and the WAP. AE (Analyst of the School) during the period 2008-2011. He was director of the Courtil. He is currently teaching in the Clinical College of Lille. Lizbeth Ahumada is a member of the NEL - Bogotá and the WAMP. She is the current President of the Childhood and Youth Antenna of Bogotá.
Episode 1
Interview with Bernard Seynhaeve
By Lizbeth Ahumada Yanet
22:10 minutes | Audio in Spanish, French | Recorded 01.01.1969
Pierre Naveau