EBP-RJ/ICP-RJ. Conference in Rio de Janeiro “Life is a Dream”
The EBP-RJ and the ICP-RJ held its 26th Clinical Days between November 29th and 30th, 2019, whose work theme, in line with the upcoming WAP 2020 Congress, revolved around Dreams. Our guest Mauricio Tarrab, in his conference “Life is a Dream” , put questions about the analyst’s desire today, as well as about the use and consequences that can be drawn from unconscious formations as something that, in addition to meaning, brings something of the singular order of the speaker.
Episode 1
Conference in Rio de Janeiro “Life is a Dream”
By Mauricio Tarrab
44:10 minutes | Audio in Spanish, Portuguese | Recorded 30.11.2019
Episode 2
14:42 minutes | Audio in Spanish, English | Recorded 30.11.2019
Pierre Naveau