Conference in Rome "The Powers and Limits of Dream Interpretation" SLP and IF
On November 29th, 2019, the conference of Anne Lysy "The Powers and the Limits of Dream Interpretation" was held in Rome, organized by the Secretary of Rome of the SLP and the Freudian Institute. Anne Lysy presents an articulation on the interpretation of dreams according to Freud and Lacan. The author underlines that for Freud the dream reveals a completely new discovery: the principles of unconscious psychic functioning. Lacan's sense of the return to Freud goes by way of the decision to give dream the value of being the royal road leading to knowledge of the unconscious. The dream is a rebus, a sacred text, written as a hieroglyph. To interpret a dream is to read it. The latent content is the result of an interpretation, not something that precedes it. While for Freud the dream is the fulfilment of a desire that transforms the most unpleasant thoughts in order to protect sleep, for Lacan it is not sleeping that us useful but to wake up! There's a limit to the interpretation of the dream, one can't do it ad infinitum, there is a limit and that is traumatic, it opens up to an impossible to say. Every dream has a non-interpretable point, suggests Lacan.
Episode 1
The Powers and Limits of Dream Interpretation
By Anne Lysy
Simultaneous translation: Céline Menghi; Established by: Isabel Capelli, Giuseppe Salzillo
73:45 minutes | Audio in Italian | Recorded 29.11.2019
Pierre Naveau