Conference: “With an Analyst, Man Awakens” organised by Warsaw’s and Cracow’s Circles of the NLS.
On Saturday the 25th of January, 2020, the Knottings Seminar of the New Lacanian School (NLS) was held in Poland. The Circle of Warsaw and the Circle of Cracow of the NLS were delighted to welcome for that occasion Frank Rollier. Radio Lacan brings to its listeners his conference titled “With an analyst, man awakens” in French with simultaneous translation by Michał Bajer, in Polish.

Communiqué: Dear colleagues, In the context of the Covid-19 crisis, The NLS Expanded Council met several days ago via Skype, followed by a meeting with the NLS Executive Committee. The Council meeting was particularly intense; we had an echo of the emergence of this real in our community. We are still in the moment of comprehending. There are no signifiers to fill the hole in knowledge that is presenting itself to us. We must consent to it. It is for this reason that it occurred to me that it was necessary not to hold the NLS Congress this year in Ghent. The Ghent Congress has therefore been canceled. Many thanks to Els Van Compernolle and the Congress Organizing Committee, to all those who worked for the congress, and to the many authors of the texts that were sent to me. These texts cannot be published, and therefore belong to their authors. Thank you also to the authors of the Cuts. The 2020 Congress Blog will remain consultable and the Cuts that we have received and that have not yet been published will appear over the weeks ahead. Bernard Seynhaeve, President of the NLS

Episode 1
Conference : “With an Analyst, Man Awakens”
By Franck Rollier
64:09 minutes | Audio in French | Recorded 25.01.2020
Pierre Naveau