Open Seminar in Athens "A Not-all Institution for Autistic Children."
On the 13th of May, the Athens Psychoanalytic Research Center in collaboration with the Hellenic Society of the NLS organised an open seminar on the subject: "A Not-all Institution for autistic Children". Radio Lacan is pleased to offer its listeners Bruno de Halleux's conference. There he placed how to think of an institution that accommodates autistic subjects avoiding the pitfalls of ideals proper to the Master's discourse. This development arises from his experience as therapeutic director in a Belgian institution "Antenne 110", where he has carried out an original practice: "plural practice".
Episode 1
"A Not-all Institution for Autistic Children"
By Bruno De Halleux
Established by: Ruzanna Hakobyan
114:33 minutes | Audio in French | Recorded 13.05.2019
Pierre Naveau