Towards PIPOL 9 - Conversation in the ECF "Irreducibility of the Unconscious. A failed suppression."
On 25th May, 2019, the School of the Freudian Cause organized an activity in Paris under the title "Irreducibility of the Unconscious: A Failed Suppression". This work was carried out in the direction of the 5th Congress of the Euro Federation of Psychoanalysis PIPOL9, "The Unconscious and the Brain, Nothing in Common" that will take place on 13th and 14th July, 2019 in Brussels. In a tweet on 21st March, Johan Faerber warned of the fact that in the new French Baccalaureate Philosophy program - developed and adjusted by experts and to be presented to the Minister of Education - two concepts would be eliminated: work and the unconscious. J. Faerber argued that the intention to suppress those major concepts that guide our civilization reveals an ideological bias. That tweet massively retweeted and commented on demonstrated the emotion and incomprehension felt by internet users. The fact is that the government backed down, no doubt in the face of public reactions. But it is a setback that can be conceived as temporary. In the face of this, the ECF initiated a study of the political and epistemic aspects that are at stake here. It also began an exchange between some of its members and professionals from other disciplines who share concerns about this problem. The texts of this afternoon’s interventions are being published in Lacan Quotidien ( Thanks to an articulation between Radio Lacan and Lacan Quotidien we have the pleasure of sharing with our listeners some extracts of the discussion that took place from these interventions, and that constitute an exceptional document due to its richness, its rigor and its impact on the reflection of our time. We thank the Council of the ECF for having recorded and authorized the dissemination of this conversation. The participants of the conversation are those already mentioned and Carolina Koretsky, Agnès Aflalo, Esthela Solano Suarez, Rose-Paule Vinciguerra, Nathalie Georges.
Episode 1
"Man, Brain, Unconscious"
By Yves Vanderveken; Anaëlle Lebovits-Quenehen; Johan Faeber
Established by: Eduardo Scarone; Animation: Gil Caroz
37:19 minutes | Audio in French | Recorded 25.05.2019
Episode 2
"Discursive Effect of Neurosciences"
By Pierre-Gilles Guéguen; Christiane Alberti; Thomas Schauder
34:41 minutes | Audio in French | Recorded 25.05.2019
Pierre Naveau