"The 'Initiatives' of the NLS¨ in the XVIth Congress of the NLS" In a State of transference: wild, political, psychoanalytical ", Paris 2018: Interviews with Myriam Mitelman, Jolka Nathanaili-Penotet and Ines Anderson.
In the framework of the XVIth Congress of the NLS, which took place in Paris on June 30th and July 1th, 2018 and which was entitled "The transfer in all its states: savage, political, psychoanalytic", our colleagues Gali Weinstein , Netta Nashilevich and Carlos Rivas talked to the heads of the Initiatives of the NLS: Myriam Mitelman of the "Initiatives" of Berlin, Germany, Jolka Nathanaili-Penotet of the "Initiatives" of Tirana, Albania and Ines Anderson, of the "Initiatives "From Toronto, Canada. The "Initiatives" are activities organized by groups in different cities of Europe and the rest of the world that are not yet associated with the NLS or were not constituted as such but wish to have a link with the NLS and the Lacanian Orientation. Currently the following "Initiatives" take place: "Initiative-Amsterdam", "Initiative-Berlin", "Initiative-Vienna", "Initiative-Moscow", "Initiative-Tirana", "Initiative-Ukraine" and "Initiative-Toronto".


Episode 1
Interview with Myriam Mitelman, Responsible for Berlin Initiative, Germany.
By Gali Weinstein
8:05 minutes | Audio in French, English | Recorded 01.07.2018
Episode 2
Interview with Jolka Nathanaili-Penotet, Responsible for Tirana Initiative, Albania.
By Netta Nashilevich
14:18 minutes | Audio in English | Recorded 01.07.2018
Episode 3
Interview with Ines Anderson, Responsible for Toronto Initiative, Canadá.
By Carlos Rivas
8:58 minutes | Audio in English | Recorded 01.07.2018
Episode 4
Interview with Mariela Vitto, Responsible for Amsterdam Initiative, Netherlands.
By Gali Weinstein
6:03 minutes | Audio in English | Recorded 16.07.2018
Pierre Naveau