On Seminar 6 in the "Istitut Français" in Naples
On October 14th 2016 a meeting encounter organized by the "Istituto Freudiano" at the famous "Institut français" in Naples took place. This event brought to the general public the relevance of Lacan, his live and surprising message. Apropos Seminar 6 recently translated into Italian, Antonio Di Ciaccia, president of the "Istituto Freudiano" and Italian translator of Lacan's works, Nadia Fusini, Anglian teacher at the Normal Higher School of Pisa and Francesco Madonia, professor of French Literature at the University of Palermo convened. Our colleague Fulvio Sorge brings echoes of the event to Radio Lacan's audience.
Episode 1
On Seminar 6 in the "Istitut Français" in Naples
By Fulvio Sorge
Established by: Laura Rizzo
9:10 minutes | Audio in Italian | Recorded 05.11.2016
Pierre Naveau